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A brief discussionthe use of stainless steel pans
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In daily life, we often because did not understand the stainless steel POTS casting principle and use method, so that always feel it is better than traditional wok works, thus it has the incomparable virtues than the traditional iron pan. Actually, stainless steel pot and old fry pan is different, the structure of wall of POTS and pans, and an iron heating principle is not identical also, in order to better play to the advantages of good stainless steel pot, for everybody in use process middling become problem, say a little of it.
(1) the heating of the stainless steel cooker
Stainless steel POTS because bad cleaning, together with its material is different from wok, so when using, don't continue to use POTS of thinking, it is important to note that the flame does not exceed the pot chassis, lest cause pot with yellow or black; Also do not have long dry cookers, this can easily cause the pot to be yellowed. Use medium and small fire as far as possible, don't worry, the qualified stainless steel boiler heat conductivity is better, and the durability is strong, after turning off the fire, after a long time the pot body is still warm.
The non-stick function of stainless steel cooker
Stainless steel pot has the non-stick function, the key is that you should master the temperature, when the pot is hot enough, the temperature is 160-180 degree, can achieve the effect of non-stick food. We use a stainless steel saucepan to be sticky. This is not a problem, but a method. To prevent the stainless steel pan from sticking, there are two good preheating methods:
The first way: the pot on the heat source in the fire (in no more than the pot advisable) heating on 1-2 minutes, to drop a small amount of water into the pot, until the water condensed in the middle of the pot settle, then temperature has been achieved. If the water is sucked dry or jump around, then temperature has yet to reach, need to continue to heat, the temperature reached after, turn to medium heat, add in oil, the oil in the pan spread out evenly, can be directly fish or other easy sticky food.
The second method: cold oil and cold pot, pour oil directly into the pan, and heat until the oil is in the pan of the middle of the pan to spread, indicating that the temperature in the pan is enough, and then put the food to cook. However, this method has a drawback, it is the cleaning of the cooker is more troublesome.
(3) cleaning of stainless steel pans
Stainless steel pans look good, but cleaning is a big problem, especially when it comes to light. Before, use countless cleaning methods, but the effect is not good, the pan is clean, but also the luster is completely absent. After fumble, now use the rag plus baking soda and a little hot water to wipe, still can alleviate the besmirch to some extent, also the harm to the cooker is the least. It is also the most effective way to find the most effective people.
There are concerns that baking soda will not destroy stainless steel, but it won't. The PH value of the baking soda solution is below 8.5, weak alkaline. It is soft crystal particles, hardness and nails or gold, almost wet with water, the edges and corners of crystals can melt, therefore as abrasive, not only can remove the dirt on the surface of the appliance, also won't cause harm to the POTS, toothpaste, salt more moderate than the first.
It is not recommended to brush the brush with steel, nor recommend the use of particles such as dust and salt to rub together. Especially the stainless steel cooker with the high gloss finish, once you've seen it, the pan is clean, but the polished surface is completely destroyed.
There are also some factors that affect the maintenance of stainless steel pot.
1. Do not wash the pan with cold water immediately after each use, so as to avoid a large amount of water mist, make the pot not easy to clean, and suggest to wash with warm water.
2. Do not rub the surface with hard and rough materials, which will cause the surface of the pan to be pulled and the sponge cloth will be used.
3. Do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemical agents such as bleaching powder and sodium hypoxanate to clean.
(4) wooden spatula is most suitable for stainless steel cooker
Use wooden spatula as much as possible, even if the heat is to collide with the pan back and forth, and the pot will not be scratched.
(5) other considerations for the use of stainless steel pans
1. Before using the pot for the first time, rinse the pot with white vinegar and then rinse it with hot water before using it.
Do not store acid or alkaline foods for a long time.
3. Do not dry the pan for a long time. Continuous dry burning can cause damage to the pot.


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