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Choose the right pan for healthy cooking
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 Just as we dress and wear shoes, we need to fit our feet, cooking and cooking, and even cooking the soup in a pot. We need to choose what kind of pot to make healthy and delicious. Nutrition expert reminds housewife, should choose appropriate pot, make appropriate dish. Now let's take a look at the common sense of cooking.
Iron pot: should stir fry dish avoid boiling soup
The world health organization experts recommend using iron POTS when cooking, because iron pans generally do not contain other chemicals. Even when iron is dissolved, it is good for the human body. Nutrition experts point out that cooking with an iron pot is the most direct method of iron supplementation. But the iron pot is easy to rust, and should not hold food for the night; It is also not suitable for cooking soup, or the iron pot's surface to protect its non-rust oil layer will disappear.
Brush iron pot should use less detergent, slight rust can wash with vinegar. The new iron pan is best to bubble with salt water, and then use the salad oil to wipe off the smell. You can also cut the ginger into pieces and wipe the pan after it is heated.
Stainless steel pot: suitable for cooking porridge
Iron pot is easy to rust, so many people choose stainless steel pot. The stainless steel pot is not completely free of rust, and if you are exposed to acid and alkali for a long time, you will also have a chemical reaction. Therefore, stainless steel containers should not be used for long periods of salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc., and should not be washed with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemical agents.
Non-stick pan: advisable light fry avoid frying
The non-stick pot is easy to clean, but from a healthy Angle it is far from the iron pot. Nutrition experts pointed out that the titanium non-stick pot is all called "teflon" coating, this coating if dry or oil temperature above 300 ℃, it is likely that they will be destroyed.
Many dishes for frying, the oil of the boiling point is 320 ℃, and it is easy to cause the harmful composition of titanium decomposition. Don't use a nonstick frying pan when frying and frying.
Glass pan: should boil the medicine pot soup avoid to fall
There is also a glass pot on the market. Glass pot insulation effect is poor, fragile, need to be careful when moving, avoid collision with hard objects.
Use glass pot boil herbal or medicinal food safer, because a lot of medicinal materials can't use copper, with large amounts of copper ions can't use stainless steel pot, with large amounts of nickel and chromium ion cannot use ceramic pot with large amounts of enamel, cannot use POTS with large amounts of iron ion, also cannot use an earthenware pot, because modern manufacturing sand pot crucible soil, is no longer pay attention to material, to many harmful impurities, the glass pot is relatively safe, no peculiar smell.
Clay pot: it is advisable to eat sour food
Due to good air permeability and special materials, many people prefer to use ceramics, casseroles, and purple sand to make soup or make tea. But because of some porcelain beautiful coat (glaze) contains lead, if temperature is not enough or when the burning porcelain glazed ingredients do not conform to the standard, can make the pot contains more lead, resulting in heavy metal poisoning.
The pottery should not store wine, vinegar and sour drinks and food. The new casserole is best boiled in 4% vinegar water. When choosing enamel ware, the surface should be smooth and smooth, with uniform enamel and bright color.


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In daily life, we often because did not understand the stainless steel POTS casting principle and use method, so that always feel it is better than traditional wok works, thus it has the incomparable virtues than the traditional iron pan. Actually, stainless steel pot and old fry pan is different, the structure of wall of POTS and pans, and an iron heating


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Now, with the development of market of kitchen utensils, especially like titanium, has become one of indispensable kitchen appliances, family it has the advantages of convenient


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