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Choose a non-stick pan
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Now, with the development of market of kitchen utensils, especially like titanium, has become one of indispensable kitchen appliances, family it has the advantages of convenient, energy saving, deeply the general consumer favorite. Therefore, how to buy a good and affordable non-stick pan becomes a concern of consumers. Today, gold sister-in-law fashion kitchen reminds consumers to pay attention to the following three points when choosing a non-stick pot.
You can make targeted choices according to your own needs. That is to make sure that the non-stick pot you bought is heating on the heat source. If electromagnetism furnace, should choose stainless steel material, iron material of the cooker. If be a gas cooker, should choose aluminium alloy or iron material of the cooker. Only by choosing the cooker, can we better guarantee the durability and beauty of non-stick pan.
Two, can choose from the appearance. In the selection, it can be carefully observed whether the surface of the non-stick pan is smooth, whether the color is uniform, whether the surface has the obvious defects such as stolen goods, cracks and bubbles. Also, when choosing a non-stick pan with larger diameter (30cm above), pay attention to whether the handle of the pot and the body of the pot are firm.
3. Attention should be paid to the inspection of non-stick and clean performance. Identify titanium is qualified or not, can't do simple adhesive test: pan with vegetable oil with soft cloth first light try non-stick coating surface, clean with warm water and detergent, and then use clean water, dry after titanium cooked to 1500 degrees Celsius to 1700 degrees Celsius, inject fresh eggs into the pot, not to put oil, burn until set will turn pot, eggs can free-falling is the qualified products.


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